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Hey ya`llI`m not sure if you all know this already, but I have seen lots of people making a big mistake when their fire poi have gone out. You see, most people will just leave them out too cool down, or put them back away. BUT my advice is to re-soak them in your fuel, this will preserve your wicks, thus making them last longer. I don`t know why it does, but who cares when wick is so expensive.------------------peace, love and light*TOUCH*

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I can certainly understand this for terrycloth wicks that will smolder for a long time, but I really do not think this is necessary for kevlar wicks. My experience is that when kevlar wicks burn out, they go out completely w/ no burning embers to destroy the wick material.Now, I'm sure that with proper care such as this (and never letting your wicks burn out to begin with) a set of good kevlar wicks could last basically forever. This is all well and good, but I find that my wicks are suffering from contact abrasions on concrete and salt corossion from the beach, and this will kill them long before any fire damage. It should also be noted that my wicks *do* see a *lot* of abuse, so I probably am much harder on them than most people will be.-p.

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hhmmmm interesting.. my experience with kevlar (the only thing I twirl with actually) says the embers happen on the occasion. Of course I am not the gentlest with them and they do get the occasional ground-wacking at a thousand miles an hour.. which lets them fray a wee bit. But this usually burns itself off in the first 20 seconds of lit-ness. I like to redunk em each time I've had a burn cause it makes most of the black smoke hover like a white cloud over the kero. And cause I discovered keeping them wet with fuel most of the time preserves the wick longer than just letting em smoke themselves out. How expensive is wick over in the UK? It's not TERRIBLE here... round $18 a metres (cheaper if you buy several metres).. that probably comes down to about 8 cents UK with our crap currency?
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(well maybe a little more...)

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Splat, You should try buying it by the foot... It's like three times cheaper. [Groan]

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i do this trick. i re dip my kevlar wicks after ever session because, because kevlar burns so wierdly you have to stop it smouldering after each light up.i've now benn doing this for over a year and have found this greatly reduces poi wick wear.
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it is becouse when you re dip the wicks it cools them down by evaporating the fuel.this stops smoldering inside the wicks and prevents any damage being dont to them... always a good thing to do... thats why it aint a good thing to swing when they have just gone out as it helps the smouldering and produces a really cool looking trial of smoke.... hey i think that is correct but... yeahanyways.... laterA

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