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Posted:Hi. I've decided to move onto fire at last, but I don't have any fire poi. My brother(Garbo) told me to, cut off the wichs off his crappy hand made fire staff, hammer the none wick side down, put a hole through and attach chains. Does anyone agree? Rob
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Posted:That's one way to do it. I've documented a few recipes at:http://www.crossroads.net/a/writing/firemaking.htmlI don't know what you are using for wicks right now, but it is easy to make temporary wicks using old towel and some baling wire. Good for a few burns.

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Posted:the instructions at http://www.incendium.org/poi.htmare
pretty good.


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Posted:or you could buy them..

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Posted:yeh buy them, then u know they wont fall apart while spinning and on fire and cause possible injury

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