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Fwirl :p
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Posted:I know this has kinda already been but my groups different.
I am making a group of fire dancers (mainly poi hopefully staff etc soon) and Jembe drummers. Maybe also some jugglers like normal juggling, diablo, devils sticks etc.
What could I name it?
My idea at the moment is
Trajectory Dream.
What do you think???
luv 2 ya all,

Neo:Wow, that sounds like a really good deal, but I have a better one. How about I give you the finger and you give me my phone call?

master sodium
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Posted:burnscar, you should call it burnscar.

you can't have a war against terrorism because war IS terrorism.it's not about worshipping fire. its about making the fire want to worship you.

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Posted:you could call it;



hhhmm im sleepy its late, head about to hit keyboard...

'Statistics are like miniskirts, they reveal more than they hide.'

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