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Posted:OK, I can do pretty much every move I've put my mind to, I can do orbitals of all kinds, all these things with extra beats, btb stuff, play with isolations, but no matter how hard I try, there are certain stalls I just can't seem to do period. I cant do the one where you come from the bottom and stall sideways at the top, I can stall up and down at the side of a weave, all I can do is watch them go crazy as my arms stay still. I do what every other stall feels like, I can do we weave ones one at a time and have been able to for about a month, and when I put them together, in the mirror it looks no different, but the poi just keep circling confused I've looked at a ton of videos and I still can't do so many stalls! ANY ADVICE PLZ OH GOD PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ THIS IS DRIVING ME INSANEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

EDIT: Also, if anyone knows where to get sock poi like the one Nick uses with the swivel, where can I get something like that because HoP's ones with swivels are way to clunky by the handle and the 10ft of linking after it.

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Posted:The trick with horizontal stalls is that they're fake. Okay, not fake exactly, but you have to account for gravity in order for them not to look crappy. When doing an up- or down-stall, you track the point straight to the left or right of your hand and then move your hand to that point when the poi head passes through it. For a stall at the top of your arc you A) track a point of the poi's path slightly before the very top of the arc so that it would travel up slightly at an upward angle if gravity weren't pulling it back down a little. Also, it's helpful to sort of isolate your way into them. That bit I have a harder time explaining. But it feels very isolated in a way that vertical stalls don't. Personally these are my favorite stalls, especially if you're doing something same direction split time and bust out one at the top and one at the bottom of a big circle.

As for Nick's poi, they looked home made, but the swivel is just a marine ball bearing swivel. Same style as the ones HoP sells. I use size 8 swivels from a marine supply company, though 6 would likely work too. Based on other videos I think the handle might be a fabric loop held on by a lark's head knot. Dunno how the rest is put together.



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Posted:Theres a lot of threads already about stalls... I'm gonna have to say...

Its time to do a search.



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