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Well, after a stressful/fun/eventful/tiring/confusing/wonderful weekend at the Beautiful Days festival, I came away with one question.
In particular, this is aimed at Glass, but others I'm sure will be able to contribute.

One of the stalls was the Mushy Pea Juggling stall, manned by a very nice guy called Steve.
The second sentance he said to me was (and I quote) "I invented contact staff..." which is quite a claim. He said Glass (amidst others) had attended his workshops and that all things contact staffy basically came from him. Two questions:
1) Is this true?
2) Where does he hang out/spin?

Although not a great staff spinner myself, I have to admit that he was freakin' awesome! I was very sceptical after such a bold claim but - damn it - he was VERY good.
Also his CJ was very good, well, awesome (I asked if he was the SilverMan but he isn't...) and his club spinning was like nothing I'd ever seen before - wicked! I really must get myself a 4" ball soon.

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I gave Mushy Pea Steve his first jobs a juggler and circus skills talent! He was an awesome luminary of the skills of contact crystals and Juggling Balls. He was an amazing talent himself however it was him and his Mushy Pea owner group who formed an incredible community of other luminaries and enthusiasts ath the Mushy Pea shop and the many circus workshops that existed in Manchester in the 1990's , Mushy Pea were and sounds like still are pushing the boundaries of circus skills as they were as young people back then in 1995 . I moved from circus and juggling to Acting. In actng we believe in Complicity. the energy between people in performance. Mushy Pea Steve.Hairy Graham and Rob the juggler had compicity in abundance thats were they were and are in the mall group of circus skills artists and companies who are the best like Sean Gandini and the Gandini Juggling Project, Archaos Circus and Cirque Du Soleil. In fact Mushy Pea Company led by Steve and Cirque Du Soleil really should get together and the Mushy Pea company led by Steve could teach the circus artists and maybe if we all get really lucky perform! They are masters of the body and staying in shape in a sustainable and fun way as ell as being circus luminaries like STeve Mills of Mills Mes fame , he invented a juggling trick and is an american legend like Anthony Gatto but still be superfit. so g It comes as no surprise to me that he has originated Contact Staff. I had never heard the term before I read it in your article as I have not seen Mushy Pea Steve for maybe 10 years as our live shave taken different paths however I always send him love vibes and awe at his talent as I send love to you young lady who wriote the first post of this string, who learnt some from Mushy Pae Steve and has a fun circus skills learning scene with the lovely, super talented, down to earth!
and incredible man that is Mushy Pea Steve

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Shit this debate was 14 years ago!! lun ya's Andy Wood
aka Scattacash the Retired Jester xox


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