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Posted:Ok this is a bit of a moan but I need to get it off my chest because its really made me cross.
I had the best weekend at the Splendour in the Grass festival... Lots of beautiful people all playing with twirling objects and lots of new toys to try out... Having a lot of fun playing on the juggling stall that I was working at, until Sunday night when some braindead wanker puts something into my drink and I go off into dont get me wrong I have nothing against drugs... people do them for their own reasons and that is fine with me because that is their choice, but what pissed me off so much is that the choice to do the drug was taken away from me and I had an experiecnce that was forced upon me ... I used to do a fair amount of drugs so I accept and acknowledge that they can have a relaxing effect or an exciting effect that some people can enjoy, but I have chosen not to take drugs anymore because I have had brain surgery and the rush that some chemicals can give up your spinal cord can have a really damaging effect on me. Like permenant brain damage!
I started to freak out a little because it has been so long since I have taken any kind of drug that my body wasnt used to the feeling and I was a bit freaked out about the whole thing... until I reminded myself that the more I freaked out the worse it would become, so I tried to relax and just go with it a bit...So I went and watched the John Butler Trio who played like angels (everything was extremly beautiful by now, the crowd, the band, the crushed can on the ground ) and just walked around with my very good freind who became my saving grace by the end of the night...I felt an amazing urge to twirl by now so I grabbed the glo poi and just cut sick...NEVER have I twirled like that in my life!!! I felt ten foot tall and bullet proof with the poi in my hand and I got applause when I finished which was kinda nice..Then my kidneys started to cain big time and I kinda blacked out going for water and kinda came to with my friend grabbing me as I started to fall... bloody hell wasnt a nice experince towards the end...
What I dont get is why somebody would even bother to slip their drugs into someone elses drink, espically when they dont know their medical history, or even whether or not they are already on drugs, for all they know they could be mixing some kinda lethal drug cocktail with whatevers alreay in that other persons system!!! OOHHH made me pretty cross... espically since I feel like shit now and feel really fuzzy in the head. Im just thankful that there was a really good friend with me to look after me as well..
Just thought Id sheare this with you guys just to say be careful with your drinks and stuff... yeah I know thsat there would be some poeople out there who would be cheering if they got slipped something and all the more power to them, but I was just really upset that my clarity was taken from me by someone else, and that wasnt my choice...GRRRR thanks I feel better now

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Raymund Phule (Fireproof)

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Posted:And people question why drugs are illeagle???


Why dont yall ponder this situation for a while, who knows it could happen to you. I could be a leathel drug cocktail, but then again it could never happen to you, your invincible!!!

(that was directed to just about everyone)

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Posted:But Ray, if they were legal, they'd be in a more pure form.

Also, there would actually be some legitimate research about drug interactions.

-Mike )'(
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