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Posted:I havent spun for about 2-3 years.. (getting older and feel a bit daft) but picked up my poi and had a little go earlier.
Hadn't forgotten a thing! Like riding a bike, you never forget.
Funny how your body remembers even if your brain has forgotten..
Anyone else found this?

(also my first time back here in about the same amount of time..feels good to be back!)

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Posted:Yep... didn't spin for about 2 years, then I was really surp[rised when I picked them up one day and I could still do pretty much everything I'd learnt (although admittedly with a bit less precision and finesse!)

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Posted:That seems to make sense. It is muscle memore after all. You subconsiously retained the information you learned years ago. That happens to me with a lot of things, not just spinning (though I did nock myself in the head quite a few times when I started back up again).

As for the whole "just like riding a bike" thing... where'd that saying come from? I *still* can't ride a bike!

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Posted:C'mon, once you learn to ride a bike, unlearning it is nigh impossible. You just never learned.

Glad to know that, even if I lose time for poi, I should still be able to pick it back up.

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Posted:i've just come back to it , can still do most of the suff i could before but a bit rusty .i can't believe i stopped , tis great fun .

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