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Posted:There are millions of little things in life that make us happy... what makes you smile?
I have so many things, but here is just a few... smile

Happy people, silly hats, ice cream, hot tea, the sound of foreign languages, Riding my motorbike on sunny days, doing handsprings, chocolate, the beach, smiles from strangers, kissing pretty circus boys, the sweet smell of kerosene on a summers night, stripey clothes, fake fur, the beatles, the colour pink, hugs, dancing, performing for little kids, and of coarse, ... twirling the night away wink


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Wild Child
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Wild Child

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Posted:hug thank you for sharing - hope i feel that way again

enjoy ubbrollsmile

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My hairs on fire

My hairs on fire

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Posted:Waking up wiv a txt on my fone from sumone i care about.

Fallin asleap wiv sumone to hold on too.

Having the wind die down just enough to let you read your book at the beach.

Being left alone when you dont want to be botherd.

Henry Hill - 'One day the kids from the neighbourhood carried my mothers groceries all the way home, you know why? It was out of respect'...

Hope all is well : )


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Posted:cuddles in the morning (or anytime),
really good chai,
long green grass,
the way an eggplant looks,
people playing with my hair,
good books,
cuddles from my cat,
warm windy days,
phonecalls from old friends,
art galleries,
random acts of kindness,
seeing a really good band, getting drunk with a mate and saying 'i really really love you' to each other,
having dinner cooked for me,
the first day of spring,
being in love,
getting the giggles,
lots and lots more.


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Posted:a hug from a close friend
fluffy things
the colour pink!
finally nailing a trick
nice people


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Posted:My girl
My cat
either of the above making silly noises
My cat pushing his face into mine.
A smile from a stranger
The smell of fresh cut grass.. ahh summer is here!!!
sitting and thinking nice things

Just a few of things.........

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Posted:I agree with the smell of fresh cut grass.
Or baby powder!

Watching people being happy
Being with people i care about
Laughing xxx

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Posted:compliments/smiles from strangers
skinny dipping in the ocean or fresh river
watching a huge lightening storm while safe in bed
dancing in the rain
being with those you love
snuggling either pet or partner
watching ants work
the smell of someone cooking (esp if its for you)
meetings new peopl who have lots in similar with you
childrens excitement
pregnant bellies

i could go on forever... but these are my favourites smile

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Posted:as a select few id have to say:
the summer
watching the stars
good music
making pictures in the clouds
the feeling yew get when spinning
sitting in a random field with friends playing guitar and spinning
happy people
sitting next to a fire when tis cold
snuggling in blankets watching thunderstorms outside
the smell of incense
i would go on but it would end up being a very long post
anyhoo peace and love <3



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