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Back in the late 80's I was watching Paul Daniel's Magic Show on BBC1 when he brought on a speciality act. A Chinese girl ran on stage with two sticks, which had ribbons or streamers on the ends of them. She then did a poi-type routine, swirling them in every direction. It was fantastic. The crowd was amazed, nobody in Britain had seen this kind of stuff before. But she hadn't even started! She then proceeded to do acrobatic and gymnastic stunts, those ribbons still flailing around beautifully. What I want to know - do any modern day performers use the same prop? I'd really like to see that again.

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yup! smile

Not me though, but there is still quite a bit of it about. ubbrollsmile

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that's impressive, but i think it would be more fun on fire!

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 Written by: idancelikeatwatme

that's impressive, but i think it would be more fun on fire!

Would that be like double fire whip then?

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I believe you can purchase a 3.75 metre ribbon on a stick from https://www.poipoi.info/shop/index.php?crn=1&rn=295&action=show_detail

I don't know how to hyperlink properly, so you'll have to copy and paste...my apologies. It would look wicked in UV pink, under UV, methinks cool

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A friend of mine tried to make a fire one once, but it didn't really go. The entire effect was completly lost because the ribbon is usually extremely light weight, and anything that light to create the same feel (ie. not like a whip) would burn out under five seconds.

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I guess the ribbon needs to be floaty and light so the norm in wicking wouldn't really work frown

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We now have ribbons in the HOP shop also, all the HOP staff have been kept entertained with the awesome twirly effects that these ribbons can produce....... smile ubbrollsmile smile lotsa fun......


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I won a ribbon stick at timezone. The handle even lights up. But be careful, if the ribbon's too long, you can't do much with it, as it gets tangled easily.

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ok, bit of a bump to this thread, but...

my boyfrend recently bought me a twirling ribbon.

i've been playing about a little bit with it, but generally have no idea what tricks/patterns can be done with it. Any Suggestions?

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In France you can do GRS (rythmic gymnastics) and you can use one or more ribbons. You have a sort of stunt routine that you have to accomplish with them... It's really pretty to watch, real hard to learn too... Your description looks pretty much like this cool sport wink Thanks for sharing this cool experience tongue

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