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If you go down to the dollar store, sometimes they have chemical "glow-sticks". Some of these even come with ribbons, probably meant for hanging them around your neck. All you have to do is tie the ribbons on securely, add a finger loop, snap the stick to get it to glow, and start spinning. During the day they just look stupid, but at night it's a pretty cool effect. The glow lasts several hours, they come in three or four different colors, and are pretty durable.

I'm thinking of making a pair of cords with clips on the ends, so I can clip the glowsticks onto them - sometimes the ribbon comes unknotted. Luckily, it's not like the glowstick is hard to find in the dark...

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Hmm... I thought I'd come up with a brilliant (pardon the pun) and original idea, but on poking around more... maybe not so much. footinmouth

Oh well. It's still cool.

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It's called glowsticking. smile
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Well, if you happen to spin frequently and you crack a new pair of chemical glowsticks each time the cost really does add up, and eventually you might as well just fork out the money ($60 or so) for a set of flowlights.

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As a variant on this you can make tight-arse Led Poi.

Every so often sells "LED Throwies"
Which is basically a pack of LEDs, watch batteries and small magnets. The idea being you tape them together and throw them at metallic things (yay light graffiti is fun!)

I think it's about $10 for 20 of each
so... cheap as, and you can attach them whatever you've got on hand with just sticky tape.

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Technically, it is known as glowstringing.

Also, glowsticks are not your most "green" option. I'm with beaniebob, just get a pair of flowlights and save the earth.

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