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Posted:hey guys i was just wondering if anyone could give me any tip on glowsticks what are the techniques to it. Ive heard something about figure eight, if anyone could help me by showing me or telling me some tip on it,thx.


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Posted:Hi there HH,

I'd suggest you go to www.glowsticking.com, its a good place to start...

Good luck! smile

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Posted:thx for the help ill check it out.


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Posted:Firstly, welcome to home of poi. wavehello

I'm not really into the glowstick thing but I may be able to give you some links which may help. smile


Glowstick Tricks

More Glowstick Help

I havent looked at those links thouroughly, but they should hopefully help. You can always search for threads which are FULL of informtion by clicking on the little search tab in the community section. smile


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Posted:Hey from a fellow glowsticker/strings:) Honestly the best way to learn is get a pair of glowsticks turn up the music and dance...also when your with others who do it or who don't even your creativity and skill will grow, just takes practice and a love for music and of course the beautiful colors and images you create for others...but yeah glowsticking is different from the fire arts you would probably find more of what you want from the sites mentioned above. Good luck!

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Posted:Yeah, glowsticking.com for all your glowsticking needs ^_^

I'm on there all the time, and I know a few other people on here are too. If you need help once you get there, feel free to PM me, my screen name is the same.

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Posted:*unquestioningly follows the crowd*

yeah, that glowsticking.com, gee its great.........

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