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Born on a green light daddy-o!!!
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 Written by: Larrynice!i love the old:what do you call that?poiwhat?poiwhat!?POI !! lmao yes that is what i get quite often, i just say flaming balls of fire, try to dumb it down ...

hey i know some spinners from Michigan they came down for a fire gathering we had in cincinnati I'll ask my friend lynz for their info and maybe you guys can hook up sometime, oh yeah d...

I didn't watch season one last year so me and my boyfriend rented all of season 1 from the video store and then got caught up on season 2 now it's like crack!!! can't wait for season 3!...

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1st March, 2006
"The service and support was not needed but I knew it was there so thats fantastic:)"
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