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Posted:How many of you loved Burning Man 05? and the party wendsday at the hookahdome? what were your feelings about it all, what stuck with you all the most, what do you guys/girls look forward to the most?

i personally loved burning man 05 it was my first year and i was amazed im 15 so my dad whos 62 took me (dont let the age fool you hes more alive than you would belive) i wandered around the playa for a few hours checking out camp after camp. then i landed at the hookahdome. it in my opinion is one of the best built camps on the playa... i havnt seen all of them but i believe this one takes the cake. i spent a few days there hanging out with some people and i had an amazing time. the first time i ever saw fire poi/fire staf in action was at the hookahdome. i was mesmerized, it was so foreign to me it just captivated me. then on wendsday there was a HUGE fire performance by far the best i have seen. shortly after burning man i bought my first set of poi and glow poi i have been practicing ever since... there isnt much room to practice since im in NYC so the winter time was kinda off limits in terms of practicing. total i have been spinning for near 2 months and i can do the weave, 3 beat 5 beat. butterfly, and im learning hyperloops. im going to light up for the first time at burning man. i have practiced many times before with fire safety and i got certified in CPR and first aid. hope you all can watch me light up at the burn.

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Posted:I wish my parents took me to BRC when I was 15...

My parents were the kind of people who delighted in the wicked rebelliousness of...going to a Japanese restaurant...and ordering sushi.

Yeah...my parents were a bit... square.

-Mike )'(
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Posted:Yup, the Hookahdome jam was sweet this last year. Lots of talented spinners and only a few human torch incidents smile I think I'll focus on being a safety for next years hookah jam.

I was stoked I got to meet a bunch of HoPers out there: Orbit, ICoN, Lightning, blueboy, mo-seph and roberts. Can't wait to meet more next year and see some new moves.

Good luck with your fist burn. I lit up for the first time out there a few years back and it was something I'll never forget. Come by the BM'06 HoP meet and greet and say hi.

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Posted:Should this have been moved to the events section? I feel its more of a discussion about a persons reaction to a place they have been to and just talking generally about that, but then again I been trying to sleep for 3 hours and decided to go on hop instead so I could be wrong

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Posted:I'm going to Burningman'06 for my first time to BM, looking foreward to it (my ticket is already waiting for me at the 'will call desk'). Sitll have to arainge all the rest of travel plans and araingements though. I'll definately will try to remember to visit the hookahdome.

BTW. in this thread http://www.homeofpoi.com/ubbthreads/show...5/o/all/fpart/1
we are discussing a possible HoP kamp at BM'06.

Please go there, say Hi and bump the thread :-)



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