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Posted:Hey all,

I've been playing around with fire staff and one or two contact balls. Its fun smile although rather confusing at times ubbidea Just wondering if anyone else has tried it...


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a little.

might be time to try again.

fun to be had with steves(stick) and body rolls(ball)

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Posted:I reckon you need to do it with a really big stage ball or perhaps something the size of a basket ball (but obviously not a basket ball cuz that would look shite).

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Posted:TYeah, been messing around for a while in two ways:
1) Using the fire-staff as a means to light up the acrylic - i.e. they're used independently (palmspins with the staff whilst butterflying with the ball for example)
2) I've got a version of a circle (palm-palm-back-back) using a ball and staff and a couple of other 2-prop tricks...

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