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Posted:Performers wanted for small local live music event, August 9th 2008. Jugglers, staff, poi, contact ball etc. Also any fancy dress/human statues/mini floats etc or anything else weird & wacky!
Pls reply here with any questions or email:

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Posted:Have sent you an e-mail...

Good luck with the festival.

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have had a lot of responses to this, thanks.

Just to clarify, we are looking for independant amatuer performers, not professional groups. We are a small local event and cannot afford to pay hundreds of pounds for a performance.

We are just hoping to find local folks who would enjoy the opportunity, and who would perform purely for the love of it (and free entry to the event)

If this is you then please contact us


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Posted:Do you not think you are UNDERMINDING what we do and have trained so hard to achieve by not paying?

You must ensure your performers are to a high standard and all!! have there own Public Liabilty Insurance and provide a written risk assesment, plus if working with kids should ideally have a Criminal Records Bureau Certificate.....all of which costs money... hence why we charge.

Hope this educates and doesnt offend.

Many thanks



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Posted:ditto x10 smile

PLI costs money, fuel costs money, travel costs money, costumes cost money - and so on and so on until we're all blue in the face.

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Posted:Dont even get me started on the Pro/money front - you all know my thoughts im sure
But heres an idea if its a small community event and you dont have money for Pro performers - why not get in a Professional trainer and pay them a fair wage to train up some of the local community groups to do performance themselves for the event.
I am working as a Community Circus Trainer in New Zealand and we are currently doing a week and then another week in a month for a festival show.
Maybe you can find funding for something thats gonna give ongoing value to a community.
Just an idea.
Peas out

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