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Posted:Ello everyone
Just had a thought while i was in the shower(dont be rude)
its about the live chat room on hop and how on-one users it much....I was thinking if there was set times for different topics like eg "making new poi" or "staff moves" e.c.t..
Would people use it more???

I would like to see what the mods think about this???
as well as every-one eslse of course....well?

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Posted:Sounds like a good idea to me. Would be easier than having conversations over the threads and PMs - then again we could use are common sense and invite people for a chat in the room - but different topic would be good.

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Posted:sounds like a reasonable thing to try, but i'm not too optimisic about its success. people just dont tend to remember it's there shrug
oh, i don't remember where i saw this, but i dont think the mods like it when you have titles in all caps, you might want to change it


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Posted:no one is on the chat room ever... i cant whilst at school cos its irc and thats blocked, but at home, no ones ever on... cept old firebot, and a lot of bottles of beer biggrin

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Posted:I used the chatroom last Friday! Pink and Jem were there too, we were all just bored. I sometimes open it at work when i'm bored and dip in and out to see if anyone's about. Anything that gets more people using it would be good. I think topics might be a good idea, but then people who want to talk about certain topics might not have internet access at the time allocated to the topic (e.g. me... I'm on-line all day at work, but I don't use the internet at home).

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Posted:is it jus me or on the stats is the busyiest time in the IRC around 8am and 8pm GMPT???
when ive ever gone in i usually stay a bit now, that way i dont miss anyone lol. me thinks if anyone wants to use it, they should leave it open in one window while still browsing etc.

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