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DentrassiGOLD Member
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Location: Brisbane, Australia

grrr..... mad

any ideas?

about 40 seconds after i open internet explorer, i always get the same window popping up, which then changes to one of three other websites offering me [ironically], spam filters, underage girls, and penis enlargements. the same site then pops up every 10 minutes.

additionally, my home page has recently started to automatically revert to this website. i change it, but then open up explorer and its changed back.

ive gone through and deleted every cookie/internet file i could, and even gone through most of my c drive, sorted the newest files, and have deleted all the ones that i didnt recognise - but i STILL get this crap!

ever since this has happened, my computer speed has halved! not happy....

any ideas?

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BethMiss Whippy
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We had a problem like this a while back! If its anything like what happened with us then there should be an uninstall link at the bottom of the home page, just download the uninstall thingy and uninstall it. If that fails call your customer service people!

Also, download a program called Ad-aware, its a Lavasoft program and will get rid of all the little pop-up cookies and viruses etc. that get lodged in your harddrive and itll make your pc run a lot quicker!

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Mags The JediGOLD Member
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*nods* What she said.

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GlåssDIAMOND Member
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Geek mode/
I haven't had a single pop up since i installed mozilla firefox 6 months ago.
I'd forgotten that they existed.
Its an open source browser and it kicks the sh!t outa internet explorer
tab browsing too ubblove
I really recomend it.

free from here:

'd also recommend you run adaware too to get rid of all the crap that Internet Explorer let through already

/geek mode off

DuncGOLD Member
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if it's always popping up the same thing it sounds like it's some adware installed by a nasty internet site without you knowing. Have a look around add/remove hardware in your control panel to see if there's any thing strange in there you might want to get rid of.

I've had the google pop-up blocker for a few weeks now and haven't had any trouble since

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onewheeldaveGOLD Member
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It might be worth checking if anythings been put in the start up folder (in win 98 it's START>RUN>type 'msconfig' and press enter, then click on the startup tag.

It's surprising what you'll find on there, much of which you won't want.

If the difficulty lies with IE, then maybe uninstalling it and downloading a new version could help?

For preventing it in future- I err on the side of caution because I don't want anything installing itself on my system or pop-ups etc.

So I use zonealarm firewall, NoFlash and set my IE security settings to the highest level.

Here's a thread on 'NoFlash' a free download that stops pop-ups, activX, graphics etc; can be easily modified to your own requirements: -

[Old link]

Good luck with getting rid of it; I hope you'll post details if you find a way.

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-jesse-BRONZE Member
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Location: Seattle, WA, USA

If Ad-Aware doesn't clear it up, try Spybot Search & Destroy . The two of those together can usually take care of any nastiness I encounter.

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i had and still have this problem.....i tried spybot but it totally froze my computer.Luckily it has a undo function which i used ,so i'm back to square one....

StoneGOLD Member
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I had a pop up problem. So I got a firewall, not zonealarm which has also been highly recommended to me. However, this still didn't solve my pop up problem, although the number of backdoor attacks detected was a bit of a surprise. Then I downloaded ad-aware and spybot, and totally agree with jesse on their effectiveness.

You can also get these programs, including mozilla, from those discs you get with some computer magazines.

Good Luck smile

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vanizeSILVER Member
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yeah, you have spybot or some other add program installed on your computer.

Installed any free ware like divX player or anything lately? much freeware is only free because you agree to install this pop-up window advertizing on your computer when you click "ok" on the licence agreement (which most people never bother to read) during installation.

there is also a program that is a pop-up supressor that my girlfriend has installed on her machine. it works, but is a bit of a pain since it can't discriminate between good pop-ups (like clicking on a link in this forum) and bad ones (ads). but then you can allow the pop-up by holding the control button while clicking on the link. that is a little annoying, but my girlfriend wants divX player without paying for it and it won't run if you uninstall its add producing software, so that is the solution for her I guess.

seems like you could just get some divX codecs or something and use media player instead, but it isn't my computer so I won't tamper with it...


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DomBRONZE Member
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Could be CoolWebSearch. have a look here

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just thought I'd second Glss' praise of mozilla
it really is very shiny


MiGGOLD Member
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vanize, i think i've got one somewhere thats free. might be a bit big for emailing or whatever, but pm me if your interested, and i'll see what i can do smile

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Paddyback from the dead...sort of
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I've had spyware a few times in the past, and I don't know what it was that I got but this crap was just impossible to get rid of. Forget computer virus, think STD for PC. Ad Aware and Spybot couldn't even touch it.

My solution is a bit involved, and you need about 2 gig of HD space, but it works wonders. First, keep all files you're interested in keeping on a different drive or partition, so your OS is separated from your files. Do a clean install of your OS, set all your preferences to how you like em, install the basic programs you like, and then back up an image of the drive using Norton Ghost or something of the like.

Then if anything bad goes down, just restore the drive from the image. No reinstalling windows, no other junk...everything's back the way you like it, and nice and sparkly clean. smile Good luck!

EeraBRONZE Member
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If it's sending you to a specific page then you've got a hijack program rather than spyware, things like Spybot can't touch these as they hide in the registry.

Assuming that at the bottom of the page there's no uninstall procedure, note the name of the site that it's sending you to, it'll be something like Ezula or Top 10 or something, then google the name plus uninstall, you'll find loads of pages from people asking advice on the same one, then follow the advice.

These can get kind of involved, you'll have to play around with regedit, but do it exactly as told and you'll have no problem.

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Bender_the_OffenderGOLD Member
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become a powah nerd, browse HoP in all it's tabbed window glory with 'firefox' it intercepts popups. i second others' recommendation of installing and keeping updated the 'Adaware' and 'Spybot search & destroy' packages. resident antiviral software like Norton Antivirus or Half-Life help too.
it keeps me regular.
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DentrassiGOLD Member
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Location: Brisbane, Australia

update - turns out my virus software was hopelessly out of date. i have 5 trojans! whoopee! including one called trogan.startpage which may explain my home page always reseting...

oh well. i was going to buy a new computer anyway....

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wouacGOLD Member
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get a spyware remover good place to get all that stuff is or something like that and a spyware blocker if u have any programs like kazaa or anything they fill u computer full of spyware

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SpannerBRONZE Member
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Written by: Dentrassi

oh well. i was going to buy a new computer anyway....

You don't need a new computer.
You just need to take care of the one you've got.
If you need more speed or power, won't upgrading some components do?

You seem to be awash with recommendations at the moment, so I'll keep it short. As well as Norton, Ad-aware and Spybot, I use Registry Healer which is very easy to use. smile

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Fine_Rabid_DogInternet Hate Machine
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u might have spy ware. go to and get a spy wear remover and a really good ad and pop up blocker. ad aware is really good for that. hope that helps.

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My personal preference when it comes to Anti Virus software is
Grisoft AVG . Its free, allows virus definition updates and is really really good.

It found 29 virii on my computer (3 of which were supposed to be there (mental note: dont let anyone else use my computer when im not there!)) and it healed them all.

I give it 9/10. biggrin

and for spyware: Spyware Doctor .

They fixed my computer right up!

Oh..and Dentrassi...never EVER buy a new computer. Make one. Much easier and much cheaper. and motherboards come with instructions on how to do it anyway!

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