the screeming flaming dudeYes, as a matter of fact, i do use fire poi. Why do you ask?
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I would like to know what you people consider to be the best fuel for fire poi.
So far all i use is lighter fluid (some annoying fumes)

and for a cool efect, fire poi in the rain
i use rubber cement
(annoying to clean off wick)

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Please do a search on this as it has been convered MANY MANY times before.


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quiet you..

i personaly perfer coleman fuel (white gas)

it burns bright, and not too long..

i'm experimenting right now with methanol/boric acid to make a nice green flame, but my guess is it'll burn out in 30 seconds or so ;]

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One thing!! for any newbie ME included I found this out when trying to find my original introduction. Posted some time back and couldnt find. Found it in the old forum confused

Just telling people to search is not so good ubbcrying if you cant find stuff when you search try swapping into the old forum as the search engine in this forum doesnt cover anything back there rolleyes that is where most of the most useful info is covered ubbidea

I dont know when the forum was updated but I doesnt cover a lot of the stuff newbies like me want to know confused you do a search and just come across threads where you old timers tell us to stop being annoying and go search for it. mad

peaceWell back to the subject my first burn was with White spirits (I didnt know any better rolleyes) now I mainly use high grade kerosene. But would like to try new stuff what do you lot find works best I use 2.5 Kevlar monkey fist balls (off HoP)


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Here's the official HOP fuel FAQ: -

In England the fuel you need is called paraffin, it's the safest thing to use.

Differerent countries have different names for fuel which can lead to confusion; for example, kerosene in many countries is the same as paraffin, but not in all.

Concerning asking people to use the search function- it makes sense but can also come across as rude, especially as the search function isn't that easy for newbies to use effectively.

Maybe a good compromise would be to do say something like- 'here's the results of a search I just did on the subject...' and post a few links. This is both helpful and shows how useful the search function is.

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Yeh, some indication that you have actually done a search would help stop all the oldies from reacting this way. Many times I have done the most basic search on the terms used in the Newb's heading after a HELP ME?!?! type post and turned up pages of answers.

I'll move this post to technical discussion where it belongs.


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So far I have yet to see why anyone would use something besides Paraffin/Lamp oil. Its the safest, it burns the longest, and has a nice color/brightness to it. Sure, its a little stinky and sooty but it has never bothered me at all. Specially if ya use ultra pure. You can even make this better by dousing a paraffin filled wick with coleman fuel before lighting to make lighting easier as well as making the flame a tiny bit brighter.

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where can you get the ultra pure parafin though? and as far as the coleman gas, it all says can cause birth defects and stuff, i was just wondering if that was just for the un burned part or is it really for the smoke from it? cuz man! its hard to find anything that burns without that warning!!! im in the us if names of fuel is the blok here location makes it easier im gathering ...=]

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