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Posted:hey all, im going to Egypt tommorow afternoon! wow this is gunna be cool. im so tempted to bring my fire poi. do you think i should? i know when a friend of mine went to Israel he saw some folks spinning fire, but only from a distance. i dont know. can i bring fuel over seas? i know i can bring the gear without any problems but i dont know about the fuel. i am so gunna bring my comet poi though, and maybe some glowstix. i hope its tight, and hope if i bring my fire gear, i dont get messed with by The Man. but then again, i have no idea what its like over there regarding this kinda stuff. do any of you know about Egypt and fire and all that? tips? recomendations? warnings? if any of you have any knowledge or experience concerning Egypt and fire, please let me know. but anyway, ill see ya guys two weeks from tommorow.peace--DRAKEkatafunk@hotmail.comwww.geocities.com/katafunk

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Posted:no fuel overseas on an airplane, and if your stuff is soaked and smells like fuel you will probably have trouble getting it on the plane too. so let it burn so all of the fuel comes off and wrap it really well. (or if you use towels, just have new unburnt ones.) dont bring anything you're emotionally attached to.as for actually twirling, dont know about that over there but have fun!Pere


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