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Posted:it looks exactly the same as a basic butterfly, why should i learn how to thread the needle? (and i can't quite grasp what's involved with it anyway, just sliding your hand over the other arm?) *shrug* perhaps a different video than what's on the HOP site would help?

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Posted:i find it a really useful move to turn into. cos when you do you can just put one arm under the other from a spin and you come out in ttn.
doing it 3 beat looks kinda good too its a nice move and in my opinion will help you learn other butterfly moves faster.
and its quite easy to pick up

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Posted:smit's right.
I am still trying to get at least one succesful hperloop, but TTN is a great transition move, a great way to burn off inertial from a weave, and the 3 beat looks a lot cooler, when you do it right, it just looks like you are gesturing fire around.

good. now do a butterfly under your ass.

dude, i was joking.


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Posted:I used to ask this too. Ahhh, the folly of my youth! ubblol

TTN opens up a lot of very cool moves and helps a lot with transitions. The more positions you can move your poi in the better you're spinning can get.

To start, if it looks just like butterfly then you're not doing it well enough. Try really exagerating the arm movements, so that when the arm is straight you push out a bit with your shoulder too, and when you pull your arm back pull it right back to the shoulder.

Also try TTN whilst leaning back so that your hands punch towards the ceiling.

Also there's these moves:
Do a standard forward TTN. When your right hand is coming back from full extension it's underneath the left arm. Instead of moving your itgh hand to the left shoulder and on top, move the poi to spin behind your back, with your hand reaching underneath your left shoulder. Then bring it back to the front and back. You can also go BTB over your shoulder.

Also a sweet move is if you do the above move but move btb on the hand's own side you get some dynamic moves.

This is the tip of the iceberg, so get that TTN perfect and start exploring!


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I used to ask this too. Ahhh, the folly of my youth! ubblol

so did i rolleyes... now i know why i learnt it ubblove just bear with it for a while, and youll see too smile

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Posted:Two words: Butterfly weave biggrin


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Posted:Learn it. Live it. Love it.

I sometimes ask myself "Why did I learn the butterfly?"

...To which my brain replies, "Because I own you."

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Posted:I used to ask that question; not because I thought it looked like a regular butterfly; more because I didn't like the look of it much.

Check out the Butterfly Variations tutorials here:, to find out what changed my mind.


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Posted:Ditto Mill, Ditto Dom.

it's not so much the move itself, but what else you can do with it. I'm still in the early stages of using it for other stuff but it makes a MASSIVE difference biggrin

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Posted:although TTN may not look too different from butterfly in the in the vertical plane.. if you turn it horizontle then you got something. This is a great move to lean back on the ground with. The crowd loves it.

Another fun TTN move is to act like you're pushing against an invisable wall as you push each hand forward. try to keep your hand in the same spot and just move your body away from the poi... this is a fun way to move backwards smile

hope you enjoy