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  Posted: Hey I was just wondering can anyone explain to me the simple Butterfly Weave. I am trying to learn it at the moment but the clip I downloaded shows the 5 beat. The last move I learnt was the Reverse TTN. And can anyone tell me any moves that are do able after that. Help is appreciated

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  Posted:all you need to do is u know the motion that u would do to do weave with one hand the likw figer of 8 motion well u need to do that with on Poi in backwards and one Poi in folwards u don't need to cross your hands over atall all u need to do in both u hads from side to side it seem to also help if one hand is siltly above the other hand as well. good luck Xtremely Flameable


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  Posted:there's athread that keeps getting bumped.. called "can I see a butterfly weave" that answers all these things/...

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