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Posted:Has anyone had success with paying by Switch on the HOP shop?

I put in an order which went fine until I got to the paypal screen, filled in all the details including card no. and expiry date, pressed return and was asked for card issue no. and start date of card.

Both of which I would gladly have supplied, but their was no box for them.

I tried every combination of adding the start date to the end of my card no. and got nowhere.

HOP support suggested I take it up with paypal, however I couldn't face filling in paypals endless questions form again; was wondering if anyone else had encountered this whille paying by Switch?

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Posted:I think paypal is pretty useless at the best of times. We do however get a lot of paypal payments still coming through using switch, solo and delta cards.
Unfortunately it is the only way we can accept Switch cards online at the moment frown
You could try paying again later and seeing if they have fixed the problem. I am sure if they get a weird page information request they will get other complaints.

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Posted:Yep, Paypal is PANTS!!! And expensive and PANTS and not very well run really and PANTS!! Did I mention they're PANTS?!?!?!

I think just using a debit card is easiest for ordering anything in general online

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Posted:yeah i didnt like using paypal at all .. i got all confuzzled! .. so ended up cancelling the order and then re-ordering using my mums credit card ..

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Posted:You forgot the mention that paypal are not just pants, they can also screw you over with all the small print they have. Like for instance all the money in your account paid in by others legally belongs to them, and they don't have to give it to you if they don't want. There have been people who've traded lots of items on ebay, recieved paypal payments and shipped them without redrawing. When they came to do so ebay had frozen their account because one of the buyers had used a stolen credit card. Obviously that transaction should be frozen, but paypal took the lot. I forget the name of the site, but there's loads of paypal horror stories on it. Paypal are also constantly changing their terms and conditions, i seem to get emails every month with update to their small print. Basically, if they weren't promoted so much by ebay they wouldn't be in existance, or small like nochex. I generally sell at least 1 item a month on ebay, and insist people either use a cheque or bank transfer. I only sell to UK buyers and if your bank does allow you fee free bank transfers that you can do over the phone or internet in under a minute, then you should really be changing banks.


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Posted:rhi my g/f/ is having probs with paypal coz someone managed to get her passwords prob a hacker (scum) they are gonna cover it though good thing too it was about 600 spank spank spank mad


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