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The reason we say "European"
Location: Cheltenham
Member Since: 13th Jan 2003
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Posted:The desire to spin that is.

Lately I've been having a lot of trouble progressing, both in terms of moves and style. Infact I seem to be spinning worse now than I was two months ago. Spinning has gone from being a pleasure to being a chore and a frustrating one at that. Meeting other spinners, seeing their styles and abilities has only aggrevated these feelings so this is the question:

Have others had these feelings? That maybe spinning isn't for them.
How do you avoid them / deal with them?
When do you decide to hang up the poi?

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Location: Guelph, ON, Canada
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Posted:Hmm... I've had a real craving to spin lately.. Especially since I'm going to a meeting tomorrow about a talent show for my school, in which I'm hoping to perform in (*jumps around excitedly*) However, the weather proovs rather hard to spin in. Getting warmer, thankfully.

As for tricks... I find that if I don't spin for at most a week, and then pick up my poi, and try something I couldn't figure out, I could do it better.

As for style... I tend to do a lot of weaves. I just love doing them. but I think my style really depends on my mood, or music tongue

~ Bobo

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Posted:keep your mind active.... push your self to learn more, dont see it as a chore, as long as there are others to learn along with then your kewl, im on my own with no one for miles that twirls, no one that juggles but i keep puching myself to keep learning, i dont twirl much due to unicycling a lot and juggling.

I think my problem was that i pushed my hobbies to a career and forgot about the one most important thing in my life, my beautiful gurl nancy. I have now lost her, we broke up and we both resent that i spent so much time pushing poi as a career and left her behind and took all of the fun out of it for her too.

now i still really enjoy doing every thing i do, poi, unicycling, juggling, my website, but i have to focus on whats more important and that is my gurl, i love her and want her back, we know where we went wrong, i will never give up my poi even if i havnt used them in months, i need to have fun and do what i enjoy so i quit performing for a living and took up a real job earning a decent wage and making some changing dicissions [sp].

never give up your poi, take breaks from it if you feel that way but only ou know when and how to deal with the urge to pick them up again.

be kewl.


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The reason we say "European"
Location: Cheltenham
Member Since: 13th Jan 2003
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Posted:Funnily enough my situation is reversed. Spinning on my own I had no idea my progress didn't even nearly match up to others, or at least it wasn't in my face. Now I do. It's incredibly disheartening.

"We have done the impossible and that makes us mighty" - Mal Reynolds

"I can't tell the difference between an electron and a cat" - Brother of a friend

still can't believe it's not butter
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Posted:sometimes inspiration comes in the form os grvious injury.
"on & on it seems to go.. but you don't know what you've got 'till it's gone"
stay safe

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The reason we say "European"
Location: Cheltenham
Member Since: 13th Jan 2003
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Posted:What do you mean?

"We have done the impossible and that makes us mighty" - Mal Reynolds

"I can't tell the difference between an electron and a cat" - Brother of a friend

still can't believe it's not butter
Location: Melbourne, Australia
Member Since: 14th Nov 2001
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Posted:sorry for teh horrid typing (ima trying to pass myself off at work as ...busy)
ima saying that at least for me, i did not fully appreciate twirling until my brokeness took it away from me for months!
do i imply that you need to jump off a moving poodle simply to reagain some momentum in your twirling development? certainly not.
so i want to convey my body odour? possibly.
are rhetorical questions funny the third time you try it in a post? 'faid not.

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Location: Galveston, TX
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Posted:One thing you might want to look at Quix is why you started spinning in the first place. Did you do it because somebody you thought was cool was spinning? Did you do it because you thought it looked neat? Did you do it to try to impress someone else? If you didn't start because you really wanted to do it for yourself, that might be part of your problem.

I do think that all of us have gone through periods where we are either at a plateau in our learning or we don't touch our poi or staff for quite some time. That part is natural.

As far as you feeling you are not as good as others, or you haven't progressed as much as they have, just consider yourself. Why are you comparing yourself to them? If you enjoy spinning for yourself, then you shouldn't care what you can do as compared to others. Your style should be all your own. Sure, you can watch others, like what you see, and then try to incorporate what you like of them into your own spinning style and technique. But, I think it's important to spin for yourself and not for someone else.

I spin because I like it. I like the flow of my poi as I move. I like being able to dance with both the staff and the poi. I like the artisticness of it all. I like to hear the whosh of my toys on fire. I like the feel of my frogs (my practice poi) when I've had a rough day at work. I spin because it makes me feel good. It keeps me active. It is something to cheer up a gloomy day. Sure, I have days where my toys frustate the crap out of me because I can't for the life of me figure out a new move I've been trying to master. Those are days when I just put my toys down for a few days and then come back later to find out I'm now a little bit closer to getting there.

It sounds to me that right now you feel like you should be doing poi or spinning staff. It shouldn't be something you have to do, but something you want to do. Maybe think of it as something other than a chore. Maybe make it a reward for finishing something else? I find that the more frustrated I get when spinning, the worse my spinning becomes. Maybe you could put your poi down at those times and come back to them when you are happy? Then try spinning to music with your eyes closed and just let things flow?

Sorry for the long-windedness...

hug and hang in there...it can be fun and rewarding!


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Posted:could not have worded it better than Spritie .... much agreeing and inspired by her words actually smile

a possibility is go for a new toy maybe ? it will inspire you for your original toy trust me.... or yes, close your eyes take a deep breath and just dance smile

last thought of the day .... could it be taht the crap weather is not helping ? wink

gee what on earth am i still doing posting instead of studying eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek wink

hope you get inspired
i certainly intend on seeing you dance soon somewhere in teh world biggrin
shine on

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Carpal \'Tunnel
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Posted:I wouldn't worry about it if I were you, hang up your poi for a while and get into something else.

I go through cycles where I spin intensely for hours a day, then might go a couple of months without touching them.

I'm lucky that I juggle, unicycle, devil stick, play music etc; I've always got something I'm keen on.

nice thing about poi is that you don't need to be hammering away at them all the time, sometimes a few weeks lay off will actually improve your spinning.

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Posted:Quix, spritie hit it on the head. Look at why you began spinning in the first place.

If it feels like a chore, then set the toys aside for a while. Spinning should be fun...and it should be done for you and you alone.

Spin because you *want* to, not because you think you *have* to...it's a hobby. When a hobby gets to be a chore and more stressful than stress releiving, it's time to take a break.

To learn new moves, you have to work at it, but you, Quix do. I saw your improvement when I was over in the UK...especially with staff, and poi as well. It's natural to hit plateaus where you don't really learn new moves.

When I hit my first big plateau, I focused on how I moved from one trick to another, and began to learn to move with the poi....playing around with transitions, and things of that sort......just ways to keep my mind off the fact that tricks wise I was stagnating. That worked for me...but it may or may not work for you.

If it's not fun...take a break from it...and come back to it when you're ready. Everyone will take a hiatus every now and again, and the hiatus can be a week, two weeks to months...it's ok. The toys will be there, waiting for you.

Hang in there, hon.

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Great balls of fire
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Posted:But it's no competition or race...

...if it doesn't appeal for a while don't do it! I've barely spun over winter, it's just not appealed, 'orrible weather and all that - it was just making the process depressing as all I had to do was butt my head against moves/combos that I couldn't work out. The fun had been taken out of it as learning was all that was left and it felt like a competition/race for a while.

Now as the weather improves again it's more appealing. So I will soon return to seeing people far better at spinning than me, but now I'll be able to relax, socialise and do more than just learn and be reminded how little I know which was all that seemed left to do as things got grim. Relaxed and unbothered I can spin and just enjoy it rather than continuously running into the same obstacles, learn at the pace I'm comfortable at rather than feeling any pressure and the like.

I dunno if you relate to that at all, but I related to your post so thought I'd give it a shot! smile



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Posted:Hello! I just thought (before I rush out the door) that I'd come on here and share my past fifteen minutes experience:
I had a spin in the garden with my music(thank you pounce) playing (loudly) out the window and it was my first spin in ages! I'm shaking now hehehehe my unfitness showing, also looking at my reflection in the window I'm showing signs of winter hybernation! (Podgy) Bring on the sun!
I haven't spun for about 2 months and granted I hit myself a lot but I think it may have been the first spin where I've let my poi control me instead of me trying to control them. I didn't learn anything new, and I doubt I will until I meet up with people better than me (there's only one other fire spinner around here)
I hope that helps in some way?
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