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Posted:Okay....I've got a problem frown

I have forbidden my boys to do tongue transfers during their routines, but tongue transfer is pretty standard for Samoan Fireknife dancers so they are really pissed.

We use : Straight white gas on 10 X 2 inch wicks - boy's ages are 11, 12, and 14.

I use to tell them just to make sure they filled their lungs with air before they did the transfer.. ( touch the flame to the tongue and then quick turn the knife to the unlit end)

However, after reading the Fire Breathing horror stories, I've made them stop.

Do they face the same dangers, even though they don't actually put any fuel in their mouths ? What about the cancer risk ?


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Posted:Well, I do tongue transfers as well and you do taste the fuel after, depending especially on how wet your wick is. But compared to Fire Breathing, the risks and self poisoning are much reduced. If you're not spinning and licking your wick 5 times a day, everyday, then your body can deal with that minor amount of fuel. Penn and Teller crunched the numbers themselves as Penn does many fuel tricks. Just moderate and your kids should not be at risk from fuel poisoning.

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Posted:Though with kids that young, I'd be worried about their lungs if they're doing any sort of fire performance.

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