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That question/post, and all of it's reply's make me sick. If your spinning just to be cool and look cool, your doing it for the wrong reason. Sure, it lookin cool is what got me into it, but once you start practicing, that level of "coolness" goes away when a glowstick, chain, or whatever slaps you in the face and knocks you senseless. Spinning shouldnt be about what looks good, it should be an expression of yourself. The thing i hate most is when i see people doing moves, and thats all they do, is moves they got off some site. Try and incorporate your own personality into your twirling (whatever that may be). So honestly people, if your spinning to be cool, quit while your behind.

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If you're really trying to start a fight, might I suggest racial slurs. They tend to work where I'm from much better.
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Honestly, I do see your point but suggesting that all of those other opinions makes you sick is only going to cause trouble.To build off of what I believe your point is, I do often feel that people spin for many reasons. Every person here has a different motivation for spinning (or posting) just as every person has a different motivation for doing ANYTHING!This touches on MANY of the previous posts. People attach different values to money, drugs, sex, music and therefore will OBVIOUSLY have different opinions and reactions when this is linked with poi.I think that one of the best things about communicating with other people on this planet who feel differently in forum like this is to experience other viewpoints.Some people want to do poi for financial gain, some for health and exercise, some for self-esteem, some to make platonic friends, some to look more attractive (or cool,) some to be more spiritual, and a thousand other reasons. Frankly, I think it's great! Poi (and the internet) has given a forum for people to communicate that would NEVER do so "naturally".If you feel uncool/unsexy/unloved and spinning a ball on a string makes you feel better, by all means DO IT! With all of the kids shooting up schools and themselves I find NO harm in building self-esteem this way.Everyone is different. Everyone spins for different reasons. Attempting to establish moral supremicy for any one reason only attacks those with differing views.

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