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What are the procedures for using fire indoors? Are there any fuels that shouldnt be used? And what is the procedure for spinning off excess fuel?Before anyone jumps down my throat, i have used the search button and couldn't find anything on this topic, so if its been discussed before, someone might kindly point me in the right direction.Otherwise, what are the most important things to know when doing fire inside?

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I recognise these questions!!
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for indoor fire performances I recommend using UV. you have public liability insurance?how high are the ceilings?If you do end up going with fire indoors, I'd recommend you use firewater. it's odourless and virtually can buy it online from a place here in australia called JuggleArt - not sure how long it would take to ship internationally. perhaps they can advise you of an international distributor. of luck.

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Oddly enough, this issue just came up in a discussion elsewhere.I think the matter has been discussed here. There are legal concerns and practical concerns.Legal concerns are things like insurance and approval by your fire marshall. This will be different for different cities; here in Austin, they're actually pretty open-minded about permitting indoor fire performances as long as you stick to some reasonable rules, which are (if I recall correctly):1. No audience within 15 feet2. No fuel containers inside3. Wicks must be extinguished by immersing in water (kind of a bummer, as it takes those wicks out of commission for a while).4. Must have a 15 x 15 x 10 foot zone to work in--though there can be other performers in that zone.Practical concerns:1. Smoke and smell: I haven't used firewater, but I do use "ultra-pure" lamp oil, which burns with very little smoke and smell.2. Castoff fuel: No matter how well you spin out, there's going to be some castoff fuel. If you're doing this in a warehouse, that's not such a big deal, but if it is a theater with curtains, upholstered chairs, etc, it could be a problem. Lamp oil tends to stick. More volatile fuels, like white gas, evaporate quickly.3. Fire alarms/sprinklers. There's a chance you'll set them off. That could be, uhh, entertaining.

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