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Posted:Just made a staff and thought I'd share the process and prices.

NOTE: I live in sweden so the prizes is for the swedish market. All prices and mesurements in US values are NOT exact.

Things needed:
I bought 1,5m(5 feet) aluminum Pipe, 20mm(4/5 inch) in diameter and 1mm(1/25 inch)thick. Cost me about 30 SEK(3,5 USD). Then some griptape that cost me 60 SEK(7 USD). The realy expensive thing was of cause the wick, that I mailorderd from a shop in Stockholm. I bought 2m(6 feet 8 inches) that is 45mm(1 4/5 inch) thickand it cost me (with shipping) 240 SEK (30 USD).

Then i drilled holes so i could fasten the wick, att first I thought I'd use screws and nuts to fasten them but I ended up with using some 2mm(2/25 inch) iron wire(since i forgot to buy the screws when i bought the pipe). I found that with the wire you can get the wick real tight, and you know thats good.

So in a very short time, about 2 hours work with shopping, I made my self a staff for 330 SEK(40,5 USD). That is about 200 SEK less then I would have to pay if i bought it from the same shop that i bought the wick from.

So good luck out there and happy swinging.

...and that's it for now.

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