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Dave F

Dave F
GOLD Member since Apr 2014
Registered on: 7th Apr 2014
Last active: 22nd Jul 2017
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West Midlands, UK


Photography, riding me motorbike and breeding me snakes. And fire. Not always in that order...

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Vicky Hellfire

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Hey there,I'm not in London, but believe there's a London Spinners Group. Oddballs in Camden Lock Market gave me the details, so may be worth talking to them or looking on FB? Good lu...

I'm in Bearwood, west Brum. LED and fire staff, plus fire eating/ body burn, etc. Not particularly skilled at any of them, but deffo looking for people to get together with - there's ...

Bit of a late reply here - but if yr still around, I'm in the Bearwood area. Dave

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