Beginners Throws, toss bounce return

Beginners Throws, toss bounce return

Staff - toss bounce return

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  Published on 31 May, 2010
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Uploaded by jeremiahjacobs
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Uploaded by jeremiahjacobs
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Comments/replies: 2
Member #57667
Reged: Aug 2007
Post29th Jul 2010 5:49 AM 

Did you look at this video before posting? Did it cross your mind to factor in light before recording? This is nearly impossible to see and is worthless as an instructional video

Member #130741
Reged: Apr 2011
Post27th Apr 2011 6:24 PM 

Although I can tell he knows what he's doing, I wish: 1)He'd get a real staff.
2)He'd record in a place with better lighting.
3)He wouldn't drop the staff so often.

Comments/replies: 2


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