Wraps, Neck Spiral Wrap

Wraps, Neck Spiral Wrap

Poi - Neck Spiral Wrap

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  Published on 16 Mar, 2008

i preform neck wraps in one of two ways:
easy- start this trick like you would a normal spiral wrap, keep your fingers strait and as your right Poi Moves down, lower your shoulders and allow move your Right hand in. while lowering your shoulders your left Poi should be on its up swing. allow your left hand to move into your neck. you want your finger tips to be just bellow your ears and there to be a little space between your hands and your neck. allow the Poi to wrap around your hands with your neck in the middle. once the Poi stop quickly pop them back out to unwrap.
hard- (dont do this with fire) the timing and motion is the same as described above, the move difference is, when you move your hands close to your neck you close your fingers into a fist so strings between your hands and your Poi only touch your neck. one the Poi wrap up completely you might want to move your shoulders in the opposite direction to help the Poi pop out quickly.

always use your hands when preforming this with fire.

Last modified on 27 Oct, 2009

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Comments/replies: 7
Member #27106
Reged: Nov 2005
Post16th Mar 2008 8:55 PM 

Hey Another tutorial for all of you.

I might make a habbit of this!

May my balls of fire set your balls on fire devil

Member #55264
Reged: Jun 2007
Post19th Mar 2008 7:04 PM 

That looks like it could be really painful with chain Poi. smile
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Member #27106
Reged: Nov 2005
Post24th Mar 2008 3:36 AM 

Only if you tangle them around your head whilst they are on fire.

The chains do make it a bit less comfortable tho I wouldn't say painfull

May my balls of fire set your balls on fire devil

Member #80582
Reged: Oct 2008
Post2nd Oct 2008 4:16 PM 

vid no longer works

Member #92884
Reged: Jun 2009
Post2nd Aug 2009 5:28 PM 

let me know what you think of the new vids

Member #42504
Reged: Oct 2006
Post11th Feb 2011 4:50 PM 

U should have your lighting in front of you.

Member #152465
Reged: May 2012
Post1st Nov 2012 6:34 AM 

it def sucks if you dont do it right i burned myself pretty good last time i did it but its def a crowd pleaser

Comments/replies: 7

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