Wraps, Double Bicep Wrap

Wraps, Double Bicep Wrap

Poi - Double Bicep Wrap

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  Published on 30 Apr, 2009

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Post22nd Dec 2010 5:35 AM 

derek ur my Poi tut hero i just wish i had more patience to practice. ur not from california by chance r ya? i would love to be corrected in person i think i'd pick tricks up a lot faster.
I may be awkward or an Acquired taste. if you don't like coffee now, that doesn't mean you won't some day. treat me the same way. :0 . -stay true to you. Jakob Edan Konor...

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Post14th Nov 2011 4:08 AM 

WHy is it that everyone is starting to put glowstrining moves on a Poi website?

Comments/replies: 2


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