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i didn't show it, but this can also be done in the wheel plane

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Reged: Mar 2010
5th Apr 2011 10:36 PM 

well it seems to have cut me off at the end at a fairly important part. the poi that's replacing the stalled poi needs to stall exactly in the place of the one its replacing. wait until the last second to move the already stalled poi. that's what gives the crazy illusion of the poi leading the hand vs the hand leading the poi. hope that makes sense. if not message me and i'll re shoot the video

Member #124673
Reged: Dec 2010
1st Jan 2015 10:43 AM 

Cool rhythm. You need to point out that when you come over the top with the right hand the left hand moves out of the way BUT stalls to the left under the right hand not over it @ 1:51. I was switching spots with my left hand over my right. It makes a pattern but its not the same. Thanks for the video.

Comments/replies: 2

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