Stalls, mel's c-cap w/ behind the head stall

Poi - mel's c-cap w/ behind the head stall

i forgot to go into transitions into and out of but you can enter from any hands together Poi opposite pattern and exit in split same or split opposite

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Member #107961
Reged: Mar 2010
Post30th Mar 2011 9:07 PM 

also try using only horzontal stalls

Member #116765
Reged: Aug 2010
Post23rd Jul 2011 9:39 AM 

lol why are you making tutorials when you can barely pull the move off yourself?

Member #137403
Reged: Aug 2011
Post25th Aug 2011 10:12 AM 

why dont you make a tut for this stall pattern richard? excuse my skepticism but to me it sounds like you're being critical of an exercise you can't do. wonder

Comments/replies: 3

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