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Stalling is really about geometry and timing!

The geometry part is noticing which way the Poi head is moving at different points around the circle - up, down, left, right, etc. For example, the head moves up or down at the SIDES of the circle. This is useful information!

The timing part is about moving the hand to line up with the Poi at the same moment that the Poi is passing any one particular point. So, just as it starts to swing down, if I get my hand over it quickly enough, I'll create a downward stall.

Anyway, that's why we have video - easier to understand with pictures!

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Comments/replies: 8
Jeff C
Member #97318
Reged: Aug 2009
Post14th Oct 2009 5:02 AM 

great tutorial. Thanks =)
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Member #99838
Reged: Oct 2009
Post14th Dec 2009 3:55 PM 

this is hands down the most helpfull stall video i have ever seen!!!! finaly i can stall cleanly thank you!!!

Member #109410
Reged: Apr 2010
Post18th May 2010 3:04 PM 

This is the best video on the entire website. Seriously. This guy should make all the videos.
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Member #113323
Reged: Jun 2010
Post3rd Jul 2010 9:20 PM 

i second cjgeisler lol

Member #57648
Reged: Aug 2007
Post11th Sep 2010 11:15 PM 

hey thanks...very usefull...u should make all the tutorials :-)

Yogesh Khandale
Member #137718
Reged: Aug 2011
Post24th Aug 2011 12:32 AM 

very useful info ! Thanks !

Member #169630
Reged: Apr 2013
Post30th Apr 2013 2:29 AM 

Best video to learn to do stalls.
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Member #198889
Reged: Aug 2014
Post15th Sep 2015 8:15 PM 

awesome man , best tip on stalls in my opinion .. Thank you !

Comments/replies: 8

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