Stalls, Two hand timing

Stalls, Two hand timing

Poi - Two hand timing

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  Published on 27 Jun, 2009

Taking the timing and geometry of stalls further, we look at where BOTH Poi heads are at certain points around the circle.

This is only the beginning!


Same time butterfly, they're both heading down or up at the same time.
Split time butterfly, they're both heading horizontally left or right at one pointe, or one up/one down at another point.
Same direction/split time, they're always headed in opposite directions - one up/one down, one left/one right, etc.


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Reged: Jun 2009
Post2nd Jul 2009 7:42 AM 

fantastic video thank you.

Warior Drake
Member #108966
Reged: Apr 2010
Post28th Apr 2010 6:56 AM 

great video, I've had stall for a while but I enjoy being able to "see" them now.

Also don't take offense to this, I mean it as a good thing, but on my cruddy computer with the video not maximized you look like Norman Osborne from the first of the live action spider-man movies

Don't let your world end with you

p.s. No, just in case you're going to ask, I did not misspell Warrior, its supposed to be like that.

Member #101801
Reged: Nov 2009
Post15th May 2010 3:01 AM 

Great breakdown. This is sooo helpful in understanding the physics of stalls. Thank you!

Comments/replies: 3

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