Stalls, Basic vertical stalls

Stalls, Basic vertical stalls

Poi - Basic vertical stalls

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  pineapple pete
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  Published on 16 Jul, 2007

Done as it looks, the upward stall is usually more difficult than its downward counterpart, but become natural with practice.

It can help to slightly isolate the Poi head for part of a rotation before actually stalling the Poi.

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Post19th Oct 2008 5:19 AM 

This move is actually done by moving the hand over the Poi while it's on the down stroke like the beginning of an isolation, then following it downwards vertically. The upwards one is done in the same way but on the upwards stroke instead of the downwards.
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Post21st Jan 2010 12:41 AM 

Thankyou for your tutorials Derek! Your explanations are clear and easy to understand.

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Post28th Jun 2010 4:37 AM 

does your fiance spin? :P

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Post29th Jul 2010 8:59 AM 

My Poi aren't stretchy at all. They're more like bean bags on string. Do you need to have 'sock poi' or something similar to be able to do proper stalls? Also, is it possible for Poi to be too long?

I've been watching Derek's tutorials for about a month, and I must say I chuckled when his fiance walked in. Too cute!

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Post13th Nov 2011 9:58 AM 

You can have any type of Poi and be able to do stalls. It's really a matter of timing, weight, and length. I can execute an upward stall with flowtoys as well as Sock Poi with rice and Sock Poi with tennis balls.

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Post27th Jul 2012 1:01 PM 

Dont apologize for being weird!!
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Comments/replies: 6

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