Stalls, Double stalls

Stalls, Double stalls

Poi - Double stalls

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  pineapple pete
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  Published on 16 Jul, 2007

When stalling one poi upwards and one poi downwards, it will usually help to concentrate on the upwards stall, as this happens less naturally than a downwards stall.


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Member #74364
Reged: Jun 2008
Post22nd Apr 2009 2:34 AM 

Wow need to learn how to do that looks impressive.

Member #105131
Reged: Jan 2010
Post26th Jan 2010 5:42 PM 

Really? Three seconds? This video needs deleting/updating/improvement. How about some narration/instruction/teaching?

Member #20103
Reged: May 2005
Post2nd Feb 2011 9:39 PM 

Why is this under lessons?

Comments/replies: 3

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