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Poi - Footwork

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  Published on 23 Jun, 2009

A summary of simple movement ideas to add to Poi spinning.

1) Shifting weight side to side, on the spot
-follow the movement of the poi
-oppose the movement of the poi
-example: follow the extension of the triquetra
-example 2: wallplane flower, shifting to follow the arms
-add levels - low and high shifting, and full circle
2)180 degree turns/pivots
-adding a bit of suspension/rise while turning on one foot
-turning more on the spot or covering more distance
3)Lateral footwork
-traveling sideways while facing the same direction

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Post29th Jun 2010 5:33 AM 

thanks for the vid :]

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Post29th May 2011 4:24 AM 

Great vid, really appreciate ideas for breaking out of the stand-and-spin rut I'm in. smile

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