Crossers, Weave Crosser

Crossers, Weave Crosser

Poi - Weave Crosser

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  Published on 1 Sep, 2007

With the Poi Spinning in the same direction in front of you, bring one hand back up to your shoulder. As you rotate your hips and the Poi Moves past it, bring your other hand back underneath your other shoulder. The move is done in wall plane, so rotating the trunk of your body provides you the rotation to move the Poi between the forward and back wallplanes without moving your hands too much.

Rotate your hips

Additional notes: Can be done in split time

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Post28th Jun 2008 9:45 PM 

Good Clear video, looks great!

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Post21st Nov 2009 5:11 PM 

u r hecas

Paddington Bear
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Post17th Apr 2010 8:32 AM 

nice clear video but imma need some teaching or thats going to take me a hell of a long time to learn

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Comments/replies: 3

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