Crossers, Full Body Crosser

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"Full Body Crosser" was first uploaded by Derek_Faughn
DIAMOND Member since May 2008
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Comments/replies: 5
Jared B.
Member #95370
Reged: Jul 2009
30th Jul 2009 2:13 PM 

great video.

Member #72713
Reged: May 2008
14th Mar 2010 1:46 PM 

Ha I love the Dad entrance

Member #116126
Reged: Aug 2010
23rd Aug 2010 9:17 PM 


Member #88483
Reged: Mar 2009
4th Sep 2010 5:54 AM 

Helpful video, thank you.

p.s. Your father does think you're weird. He's right... and there's nothing wrong with it :-D

~Keep swingin'

Member #128199
Reged: Mar 2011
29th Sep 2011 11:15 AM 

wahh this is gonna take quite a bit of time.

Comments/replies: 5

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