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Poi - Butterfly

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HOP • Published on 2 Apr, 2009

Start swinging the Poi forward with equal timing. Hold your arms out in front as you do it this time.
Now very slowly rotate your palms inwards towards each other and continue rotating until palms are facing upwards. When you do this you will notice that the Poi will start crossing.
Put the bottom arm slightly infront of the top arm. See animation to the right and close up. You will see that the Poi are now going in opposite directions.

If your Poi knock together when you are coming into the butterfly check again that the bottom hand is slightly in front of the other.
If they still collide, check that both your palms are facing up towards the sky.

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Member #128964
Reged: Mar 2011
Post7th Apr 2011 8:58 AM 

I am really having trouble with the butterfly. i am getting tangeled and for what ever reason they automatically come toward that not so fun spot to get hit. HELP my boys cant stand much more punishment

Member #146196
Reged: Jan 2012
Post18th Jan 2012 7:48 AM 

i have been battling with the butterfly. my Poi keep hitting each other when i do the butterfly at the same pace but when i alternate them theyre perfect. any clues? wonder

Comments/replies: 2


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