Beginners part 2, Tuck Turn

Beginners part 2, Tuck Turn

Poi - Tuck Turn

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HOP • Published on 1 Feb, 2006

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Member #92562
Reged: May 2009
Post18th Jun 2009 9:00 AM 

Ouch, tried it the hard way - but there are just two possibilities:

tuck under your left arm and turn clockwise - OR tuck under your right arm and turn counterclockwise >_<

Member #95656
Reged: Jul 2009
Post28th Jul 2009 2:37 AM 

Can this only be done on forward swing, or also on reverse too?

Member #2
Reged: Nov 2003
Post19th Nov 2009 8:10 AM 

Give it a try all different ways smile
May your balls always burn

poi lover diaNne
Member #103425
Reged: Dec 2009
Post20th Dec 2009 2:43 AM 

huh? can u hve a slowmo on this??

Member #2
Reged: Nov 2003
Post21st Dec 2009 10:54 AM 

Slow motion will be available in the New Year with the release of our new site. You'll have to wait till then.
May your balls always burn

Member #103942
Reged: Dec 2009
Post29th Dec 2009 2:54 PM 

If you cant wait until after new years (like me!), just download the video and click twice on the play button.... (play then pause)......You can cycle through clips, kinda like slowmo. I had to do this to get this move!

Member #137788
Reged: Aug 2011
Post24th Aug 2011 8:31 PM 

I cannot seem to get this with the Poi Spinning backwards. Any hints would help please. smile

Member #149211
Reged: Mar 2012
Post21st Mar 2012 12:27 PM 

For some reason I keep going into a reverse 3 beat weave every time I try to tuck and turn...

Member #213414
Reged: Apr 2015
Post30th Apr 2015 11:51 AM 

Hi, i think you guys need a bit more explantion on your videos and possibly slow-mo. A moderator said slow mo will be available in the new year with the launch of your new site but that was in 2009, is this website being maintained or have you moved to a different domain?

Comments/replies: 9

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