Beginners part 2, Cork Screw

Beginners part 2, Cork Screw

Poi - Cork Screw

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HOP • Published on 1 Feb, 2006

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Member #66213
Reged: Jan 2008
Post24th Jan 2008 9:45 AM 

nicley done

Member #77789
Reged: Aug 2008
Post11th Aug 2008 3:56 AM 

Oh god, that looks amazing. I have to learn it.
How come I have the feeling i'm just about to give myself a black eye????
never mind, i have to know!
here goes......

Member #78392
Reged: Aug 2008
Post23rd Aug 2008 2:54 AM 

you won't ;P today I hit myself in the eye with my Poi with 100 gram weights, but no sign of the slightest black eye ;p
how far you go has nothing to do with distance.
with time at most.

Member #85254
Reged: Dec 2008
Post2nd Jan 2009 6:59 AM 

She makes all the moves look so effortless and pretty! And her accent is adorable! I love learning from these videos ^_^ Thank you SOOOO much for making all of these!
--Katie O.

Member #79345
Reged: Sep 2008
Post19th Apr 2010 5:47 AM 

this was one of the first things i mastered, i still havent figured out the turns though lol

Member #106065
Reged: Feb 2010
Post14th Jul 2010 5:07 AM 

i really can't learn from the videos from her b/c of the type of Poi she is using and it being outdoors i can only see the balls and it is really only usefull to me to see the entire Poi.

Mohra A
Member #126372
Reged: Jan 2011
Post31st Jan 2011 7:19 AM 

Turns were freaking easy compared to these!

Member #128427
Reged: Mar 2011
Post16th Mar 2011 12:05 PM 

This is hard!!!
Having my hands do two different things all of the sudden is killing me frown

Member #129652
Reged: Apr 2011
Post9th Apr 2011 6:26 AM 

she explains it really took me a few tries but i think ive got it nowweavesmiley
im mad,your mad,shes mad,hes mad,pers mad,zes mad,were ALL mad!

Member #140010
Reged: Oct 2011
Post1st Nov 2011 11:37 AM 

Is the corkscrew the same thing as the helicopter?

Member #223977
Reged: Oct 2015
Post28th Oct 2015 8:03 AM 

breaking this down to work on your left hand above your head then your right hand below, then the opposite, and finally working on the switches. Anyone can pick it up, this video is a little hard to watch though because of the lighting. All in all thanks for the tutorial, picked up the corkscrew in about 30 minutes, and now I can go from the corkscrew to a front or back stance. :3

Member #274728
Reged: Feb 2018
Post25th Feb 2018 11:04 AM 

Step 1. Corkscrew motion
Step 2. Alternate hands down and up
Step 3. Rest of the f*n trick

Lol that ending was unexpected

Member #274973
Reged: Feb 2018
Post5th Mar 2018 1:58 PM 

Im going to buy myself a helmet first I think 😂 so keen to learn this, looks amazing!!!

Comments/replies: 13


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