Beginners part 2, Low Turn

Beginners part 2, Low Turn


Poi - Low Turn

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HOP • Published on 1 Feb, 2006

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This is a good move for changing direction of the Poi from forward to reverse swinging.
Begin by doing the forward swing.
On the down swing rotate your hips 90deg and turn your left hand upside-down and swing the Poi past your hip to behind your back.
You right hand on the same down swing also turns upside-down and swings the Poi also behind the back.
You will see that both Poi are swinging behind your back.
When the Poi start swinging down from behind your back rotate your hips another 90deg and pass your right hand infront of your hip to swing that Poi infront of your body.
You will now be facing the opposite direction and the Poi will be swinging in reverse.
To change direction again pass both Poi infront of your body as you rotate your hips to original position.

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Member #69648
Reged: Mar 2008
Post21st Mar 2008 3:54 PM 

I had to watch this video seven times over the course of two hours before it finally clicked. I was so excited to grasp it!

I have a long journey ahead of me. haha.

Member #69958
Reged: Mar 2008
Post26th Mar 2008 5:18 PM 

took me two days almost, until i realized that my hands just stop and that the Poi will automatically fall into the other direction sorta thing...

Member #69713
Reged: Mar 2008
Post19th Dec 2008 4:44 AM 

Isn't it weird, I can do butterfly and weave yet this still baffles me, I can do going in front of me but behind my back is hard! juggle

Member #85733
Reged: Jan 2009
Post15th Jan 2009 4:19 AM 

I cant figure out the hand movements I have been trying this one for a few days and I have not got it yet
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Member #87075
Reged: Feb 2009
Post5th Feb 2009 12:28 PM 

I just dont get it!!!...hard x) wonder

Member #89376
Reged: Mar 2009
Post30th Mar 2009 10:16 AM 

took me 10 mins to cross from forwards to back but i cant turn from back to forwards!

Member #89376
Reged: Mar 2009
Post30th Mar 2009 10:19 AM 

i can do it now! time for next trick!

Member #91355
Reged: May 2009
Post6th May 2009 11:08 AM 

It would help if someone would do a diagram of what I'm supposed to do with my left hand... I can do it with the right alone, but my left hand has no idea. I'm just getting bruises.

Member #92775
Reged: Jun 2009
Post2nd Jun 2009 5:35 PM 

Every now and then I do it by accident, but I can't figure out how I do it so that I can do it consistantly! I keep getting a tennis ball to the head... Misswolfe: Can you tell us exactly what clicked?

poi lover diaNne
Member #103425
Reged: Dec 2009
Post19th Dec 2009 7:31 AM 

low turn is hard!! and every time i turn i got hit by my poi! but i can get it,, i'm just having a hard time with my left hand...whew!

Member #104853
Reged: Jan 2010
Post20th Jan 2010 2:30 AM 

I found that bending my knees and getting closer to the ground helped me to get the Poi swinging behind my back. Now I understand the motion I don't need to get as low.

Member #110626
Reged: May 2010
Post13th May 2010 10:31 AM 

Do the Poi change direction during the turn?

Member #2
Reged: Nov 2003
Post13th May 2010 5:58 PM 

The Poi rotate in the same direction. The spinner however changes direction.
May your balls always burn

Member #113943
Reged: Jul 2010
Post9th Jul 2010 5:57 PM 

Malcom, but it does seem like the Poi change direction, even though the person is really the one turning.

I just spent about an hour learning this trick. It was a little difficult until it clicked. There are people asking what exactly clicked...
Well, for me, it clicked when I realized that the Poi are actually rotating in the "opposite" direction when you complete the 180 (as Malcom stated, it's you that is changing directions - not the ball - but it helps to know the outcome).

After I realized that, I got it instantly.

It also helps to shorten the Poi to about half length until you get it.

Member #113862
Reged: Jul 2010
Post16th Jul 2010 5:19 PM 

So I got my right had turning to the left, but I couldn't get my left. So I tried my right hand turning to the right and I couldn't get it. Having a thought I tried my left going to the left and got it. Its the putting them both behind my back that seems slight difficult. I got the left one time turning to the right and thought I'd had my light bulb moment. I'm not understanding the turning the hand upside down unless they mean palm up?

They seem to cross behind my back (I had to make a quick pair of Sock Poi because it was starting to hurt).

I'm determined to get this!!

Member #113862
Reged: Jul 2010
Post16th Jul 2010 8:05 PM 

Ok, so I kinda got it now, just not consistently, and better turning to the left (continually) than to the right. The backwards to front turn I can do every time, but for some reason the forwards to back I mess up on about 50% of the time. I tried closing my eyes (old advice from a friend) and ended up clocking myself so that wasn't good. When doing the backwards to forwards (poi passing in front) my hands come up higher, is this ok or bad form?

Member #115141
Reged: Jul 2010
Post27th Jul 2010 3:41 PM 

I was pretty frustrated for a while, until I read this comment. You really don't move your hands at all, the motion of the Poi changes by itself with momentum!

Member #119251
Reged: Sep 2010
Post28th Sep 2010 3:23 AM 

I thought I had it... But I didn't x')

Flow DNA
Member #120032
Reged: Oct 2010
Post20th Oct 2010 3:51 PM 

It took me like 2 minutes to get it turning to the left, but when I tried turning to the right... Oh dear. It's been a couple days now, and my left hand is still being spastic. My left hand keeps wanting to change direction by 90deg and I hit myself in the leg.
Ask me about flow, and prepare to listen for the rest of your life, or tell me to stop talking eventually...

Member #124733
Reged: Dec 2010
Post3rd Jan 2011 9:40 AM 

this one took me several days of practice but I can finally do it, but still having a little trouble with it.
I need more practice with it. I can already do the tuck turn and high turn, but this one was difficult

Member #128199
Reged: Mar 2011
Post10th Mar 2011 6:42 PM 

I was just about to give up and had no idea how he was reversing the direction of the Poi. I finally figured it out though! I suggest practicing with one hand at a time and instead of focusing on how to move your hand, just move your body, and naturally the Poi will reverse. Just keep on practicing with one hand and hopefully you'll see what I mean when I say the Poi naturally reverses when you move your body. If you get the first hand down, then move to the next, then put them together. Takes a lot of practice!

Member #129501
Reged: Apr 2011
Post4th Apr 2011 7:55 PM 

Is it average that I learned it in about 15 minutes? Doesn't seem that hard, time to move on to the next one.

Member #129872
Reged: Apr 2011
Post12th Apr 2011 9:58 AM 

yeah nah. its been a whole day now and i dont get it. I'm gunna be a lovely urple polkadot tomorrow.
Do you end up changing direction?
how do you not knock poi?
this is gunna take ages

Member #132298
Reged: May 2011
Post24th May 2011 6:58 AM 

I keep whacking myself in the legs every time I try this one. I think I'm just unco.
I agree when I don't hit myself in the legs I end up going the same direction, why is that?

Member #134520
Reged: Jun 2011
Post30th Jun 2011 8:22 AM 

two things that made a world of difference in how much i whacked my arms and sides: first was the length of my socks. they'd stretched since i made them and retying them proved helpful (just wrapping them shorter made it harder bc i had to put more energy into the spin). second, i realized you have to start the turn before you pull your hands back, this was critical.

Member #135533
Reged: Jul 2011
Post17th Jul 2011 1:42 AM 

I found it helpful to work on this one hand at a time. Once I could isolate the single Poi and understand how it and I were supposed to move when I turned, I was able to get my right hand side smooth and instinctive. Left hand was much harder, and both together was harder still. It seems to work best when I'm not thinking about it much - it's a very fluid feel when it works.

Member #137619
Reged: Aug 2011
Post21st Aug 2011 5:41 PM 

Dude slooooooowwww down smile Your absolutely kick ass at these but I suck balls therefore it be awsome if you done it much slower xP

Member #137788
Reged: Aug 2011
Post24th Aug 2011 3:30 AM 

For me, I had to work on it for a couple of hours the first night and then come back to it the second night.
I realized I cannot do it behind me, instead I put both of them in front of me. I spin the Poi forwards and I wait for the Poi to be at the bottom of its circle. Then as I spin 180 degrees, I change my hands to spin the Poi backwards, relative to me.

I hope that helps everyone.

Member #138129
Reged: Aug 2011
Post30th Aug 2011 1:32 AM 

i tryed it 1 night... and when it started geting dark i got it with 1 hand i can do it perfectly when the Poi is down if u move to the right push the Poi little more to the left so it should go little furder from u and when that happens the Poi must be behind u then take it back to u and start spining it backwards i dont know if ur gona get it the way i put it... but thats how i got it with 1 hand i can turn perfectly with left and right hand but im still training with both hand tonight i hope to make it smile GL to all that are trying smile

Member #138986
Reged: Sep 2011
Post13th Sep 2011 3:31 AM 

Hrm, I can do the 90 degree turn either direction, and I can get each hand to do it individually. However, when I try to put the together, my right Poi (I am unfortunately left-hand dominant: makes learning new moves a little difficult) just goes crazy and cracks me in the arm, leg, or face (I think I just gave myself my first poi-induced shiner!). Any thoughts...

Comments/replies: 35 · Pages: 1 | 2 |


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