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Comments/replies: 9
Member #108460
Reged: Apr 2010
5th Apr 2010 7:48 AM 

so much easier than low turns

Member #113862
Reged: Jul 2010
17th Jul 2010 4:46 PM 

completely agree, got it on the first try. took a while on the low, and i'm still not that great.

Member #125216
Reged: Jan 2011
7th Jan 2011 4:23 AM 

Thanks buddy, help me so much wink

Member #140513
Reged: Oct 2011
14th Oct 2011 5:22 AM 

thank you thank you thank you! you saved my life...<3 and yeah i agree with all you guys^^ this is easier than the low turn... smile

Member #140583
Reged: Oct 2011
15th Oct 2011 11:25 AM 

Okay, maybe I'm just crazy, but I got low turns on my first try and I can't do this one o.o

Member #80429
Reged: Sep 2008
15th Mar 2012 5:11 AM 

This took me half a dozen tries, whacking myself, and getting the ball chain caught in my ponytail ( :P ) but I got it, and it IS easier than a low turn. No idea why though.

Member #152735
Reged: May 2012
29th Jun 2012 4:23 PM 

Was just at the park and mucking around and somehow I just started doing this, and then did a windmill. I can remember how to do the high turn but haven't been able to master the windmill again. so frustrating but exciting at the same time that without thinking i've done a new trick.

Member #155194
Reged: Jul 2012
26th Jul 2012 3:23 PM 

To me it doesn't look like he is stalling on his back, but rather continuing momentum.
Imagine your feelings being a visual display. Emotions run wild through the air. Colors speak to your eyes like words to ears.

Member #161259
Reged: Nov 2012
15th Nov 2012 12:56 PM 

Don't know why but I have to do these in reverse to do the high turn. Then forward to do the low turn. If I go forward doing High turn then I just end up wacking myself on the head.

Comments/replies: 9

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