Beginners part 2, Buzzsaw

Beginners part 2, Buzzsaw

Poi - Buzzsaw

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  Published on 29 May, 2009

With shortened Poi, spin the Poi between your arms in split time.

To get your poi shorter, try wrapping them once around your hand.

Additional notes: Can be done in reverse, on its side, and butterfly. The excessive arm motion is done on purpose to demonstrate how to keep it going.

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Post9th May 2008 4:41 AM 

How do you transition into the buzzsaw? I've seen people do this with fire at gatherings and they seem to do it no problem, it looks so dangerous wink.
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Post26th May 2008 8:59 AM 

Do a simple 3bt weave, then just take the Poi into the middle. smile

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Reged: Jul 2009
Post14th Jul 2009 7:18 AM 

I've heard that Poi are supposed to be as long as your arms, and mine are, but when they're that long they would smack me in the head if i tried this move. Should my Poi be shorter or do you have different lengths for different moves?

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Post14th Jul 2009 8:36 AM 

To make longer Poi suitable for buzzsaw wrap some of the cord around your hand first. That way you can still do lovely big Poi Moves too smile
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Member #134936
Reged: Jul 2011
Post7th Jul 2011 1:32 PM 

I'm having a little trouble keeping my left Poi in line. Any tips?
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Member #139981
Reged: Oct 2011
Post3rd Oct 2011 7:40 AM 

I don't really see how you can say this is the easiest Poi move... I can do the 3 beat weaves front and back, the 5 beat weave, the fountain and a few other beginner things, but I still can't do this buzzsaw! I think being a tall lanky dude makes it much easier than being a petite girl, because even with my Poi wrapped around my hands, I have to stretch my arms straight out in front of me, which is SO uncomfortable and even then, the Poi just take turns whacking my tits lol!

Member #140087
Reged: Oct 2011
Post5th Oct 2011 7:27 AM 

 Written by :Kiatonasy

I'm having a little trouble keeping my left Poi in line. Any tips?

cant keep em straight for the life of me

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Member #186891
Reged: Feb 2014
Post25th Sep 2015 2:53 AM 

I feel like my arms are too short unless I make the Poi ridiculously small

Comments/replies: 8

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