Advanced Weaves, Forward Antispin Weave

Advanced Weaves, Forward Antispin Weave

Poi - Forward Antispin Weave

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  pineapple pete
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  Published on 15 Jul, 2007

This is essentially a forward weave, with the hand motions of a reverse weave, therefore, the Poi are in forward swing.

This reversal of the direction traveled by each hand, means that when the arms are crossed with the right arm on top, the left arm remains stationary, while the right hand moves around it, so both hands are crossed again, but the right arm beneath the left. This is more easily viewed in the 'arms slowed down, front view' video.

Initially this can be done with many beats, but can eventually be broken down to 4 beats in total.

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Uploaded by pineapple pete
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Uploaded by pineapple pete
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Reged: Jul 2010
Post1st Jul 2010 2:35 PM 

My brain just exploded, this is truly a very very interesting move... I never even considered anything like this!
The more enlightened man thinks he is the more foolish he proves himself to be.

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Reged: Apr 2011
Post1st Jun 2011 5:22 AM 

Awesome, you can learn this move just from the visual i see why you didnt put audio its not needed!

Member #197321
Reged: Aug 2014
Post4th Aug 2014 5:48 AM 

better tutorial with play Poi,


Comments/replies: 3

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