Advanced Butterflies, Butterfly Weave

Advanced Butterflies, Butterfly Weave

Poi - Butterfly Weave

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  Published on 17 Jul, 2007

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Comments/replies: 6
Sister Eleven
Member #95949
Reged: Aug 2009
Post16th Sep 2009 12:03 PM 

I would really love to see a higher quality version of this. The choppiness makes it hard to see what's going on, though I think maybe I get the idea.

Member #112212
Reged: Jun 2010
Post10th Jun 2010 2:47 AM 

I know I'm new at this, but I got a little confused between the "what yer not s'posed ta do" and "what yer s'posed to do". I think I get it though.

Member #131678
Reged: May 2011
Post30th Jun 2011 1:17 AM 

thankx I found your tutorial for this move to be adequate for teaching me. Thank you for your time and effort, thus making me a more versatile spinner. Cheers mate!

Member #160991
Reged: Nov 2012
Post24th Jan 2013 8:22 AM 

Well made thanks for the perspective, a rather easy move to do. But I appreciate you making the video not at the angle that shows the beauty of the move but the hand movements.

Member #131539
Reged: May 2011
Post6th Jul 2014 12:35 AM 

very good, thanks

Member #277946
Reged: Apr 2018
Post24th Jan 2019 3:53 PM 

The angle you used to film this was really helpful for seeing the movements, thank you! Super clear explanation as well!

Someone commented that the video was a little choppy - when I played the video full-screen, it looked smoother. Maybe try playing it full-screen?

Comments/replies: 6


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