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12th July, 2007
Exceeds all possibe expectations
"I recently ordered a DVD from HoP and it arrived in the mail loose in its case. It had sustained a few scratches from traveling that way and I filed a comment with HoP's support staff. I received an email back shortly after their helpdesk opened (I live in the US EST so there's a significant time difference) asking me if I wanted a replacement disc. I stated that the DVD played but there were definitely scratches and who knew when it would quit on me. With no further questions asked I was shipped out a new DVD which is winging its way to me in the mail right now. Thank you Home of Poi support staff!"
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Purchase Sock poi  
22nd June, 2007
Foxy socks pretty much rock
"I ordered a pair of foxy socks to round out my collection of poi toys and they're pretty darn neat. They fabric is stretchy so don't count on everything working exactly the same as your length-static poi. Also tie knots in the end so you don't tire out your fingers from holding onto the slippery ends."
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Ultra Poi with Comet Tail  
22nd June, 2007
I prefer Zuni poi
"I bought these as a replacement for my old Infinity Toys Zuni poi. The weight is far too light you'll need to take out the balls and weight them if you want something heavier. The flags are nice and the fact that they detach is great but they just have a light feel to them that I can't get over."
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