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Nathan Noble

Nathan Noble
BRONZE Member since Jul 2016
Registered on: 8th Jul 2016
Last active: 4th Jun 2020
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Earth, Milky way galaxy


Music, bushcraft, Poi, Spinning Plate, Devilstick


I am a consciousness experiencing itself in a meat suit. Said meat suit is a full time barefooter, Musician, traveler, and spends prolonged periods alone in deep woods.


Spin, burn, glow and flow

Photo Competition Entries

Cliff Surfing
Partner Poi with a new friend
Prop? I AM the prop!
Attention grabbing opener
Behind the Back Wrap Attack!
Prometheus Ascending
With a little help from the wind
DragonWings Along the Trail

Last Posts

Looking to connect with flowies around Southern ohio area(Scioto, Lawrence, Adams, and Pike counties) also around Ashland KY And Huntington WV.Any prop, any skill level, just needing ...

Playpoi on YouTube was how I learned 90% of my moves when I started, The other 10% was a mix of drexfactor poi's YouTube and my own random experiments and flailings.

Lessons uploaded


Dragon Wing Flags  
21st August, 2018
Bought on a whim
"I'd never had an interest in flag poi, but added them to my order purely on a whim. As soon as I spun them I wished I had bought them years ago! They look awesome! They handle amazingly well! And they draw attention even more than Traditional poi (An important point for those of us who busk with flow arts). I was especially impressed with how well they handle orbitals and airwraps, their weighting and balance makes those moves effortless. Spread your wings and flow!"
, USA.   [Verified Buyer]
BRONZE Member since Jul 2016

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